#VintageDecemberStyle Outfit #1: Tree-Trimming

As previously mentioned, I am in love with my Christmas tree.

I gaze upon it and smile. I insist upon showing it to my Internet ESL students. It is a thing of beauty, and thus, a joy forever.

I also like holiday outfits, so, oh boy, have I been enjoying Emileigh at Flashback Summer’s hashtag #VintageDecemberStyle. Hop on over to Instagram and behold the holiday sartorial concoctions. It’s fun.

This was my first holiday outfit opportunity–the trip to get the Christmas tree.

I am of the opinion that there are no bad Christmas trees. Artificial, real, live, aluminum, I like them all, Charlie Brown. I also am not picky about where to get one. I have a slight (entirely unsurprising) preference for little parking lot tree lots, but I’m flexible. This year, a restaurant down the street from us had a tree lot on their patio, and so we walked over to see what we could find. Continue reading “#VintageDecemberStyle Outfit #1: Tree-Trimming”

Wardrobe Wednesday: Sunday Go to Meeting

I don’t go to church.

There are many reasons for that, none of which I’ll get into at the moment. My readership is full of lovely people of various theological persuasions, and as an essentially private person, I don’t feel a need to explicate my deepest convictions in a post that is really about my stockings.

However, there are a lot of elements of religion that are pleasing, whether they’re attached to any greater meaning or not. Community, singing together, learning something deeper about one’s values, these are nice. So occasionally I’ll make the Sunday morning meeting of the Ethical Humanist Society, or as we call it at our house, “Atheist Church.”

Please note: “Atheist Church” is a pretty inaccurate description of the Ethical Humanist Society. For one, it’s not strictly atheistic–members have a variety of opinions on the God question. You can learn more about what the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago is about here.

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Thrift Store Thirties

Most of my vintage style outfits, day-to-day, are not very complicated.

I  usually don’t try to look like I stepped right out of a movie from 1952 on a daily basis. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. I’ve got stuff to do,  and not all of it is really suited to wearing puffy dresses.
  2. I usually forget to wear accessories. I usually forget to change my earrings, honestly.
  3. Weather. Public transit.
  4. While I admire very curated vintage looks, I usually don’t go in for a complete “costumed” look, myself.

So this winter, I’m ending up wearing a lot of variations on this:

Take one sweater, and put it on top of another sweater. Add additional sweater if necessary.
Take one sweater, and put it on top of another sweater. Add additional sweater if necessary.

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