Wardrobe Wednesday: Sunday Go to Meeting

I don’t go to church.

There are many reasons for that, none of which I’ll get into at the moment. My readership is full of lovely people of various theological persuasions, and as an essentially private person, I don’t feel a need to explicate my deepest convictions in a post that is really about my stockings.

However, there are a lot of elements of religion that are pleasing, whether they’re attached to any greater meaning or not. Community, singing together, learning something deeper about one’s values, these are nice. So occasionally I’ll make the Sunday morning meeting of the Ethical Humanist Society, or as we call it at our house, “Atheist Church.”

Please note: “Atheist Church” is a pretty inaccurate description of the Ethical Humanist Society. For one, it’s not strictly atheistic–members have a variety of opinions on the God question. You can learn more about what the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago is about here.

This past Sunday we ventured forth, and it was lovely. The presentation was interesting, and we enjoyed a nice walk around the Skokie neighborhood before the program. It was a cloudy, crisp autumn day. Behold, the ensemble, a charming little mix of vintage, reproduction, and modern.


I promise the bodice didn't look that wrinkly in real life.
I promise the bodice didn’t look that wrinkly in real life.

The details: Dress is Lindy Bop, Hollie, in midnight blue.
Scarf is vintage, hand-me-down from my grandmama.
Cardigan is Anne Taylor (I bought it on super sale)
Bag is from the thrift store
Shoes are from the thrift store
Stockings were a present, now are revamped.
Pin is cheap costume jewelry vintage, my favorite kind.

Current favorite scarf, a most autumnal pin.
Current favorite scarf, a most autumnal pin.

The stockings are predictably my favorite part, because they were a save. Probably…eight…years ago, a friend gave me a pair of argyle tights, brand new. They were a Christmas gift she didn’t want. So I wore them happily for seven years. My love affair with those tights lasted longer than some marriages. I wore them right out. I was sad at the thought of getting rid of them. Until! I realized that while all of the crotch was shot, the legs were in good shape. A couple of snips, a set of garters, we’re back in business.

Voila, stockings.
Voila, stockings. A vintage solution.

They’re machine knit and synthetic, so they don’t even need hemming. I am delighted to keep them.

What are you wearing on fall Sunday mornings? (It’s okay if the answer is “pajamas.”)