Retrofitting Vintage Summer Playlist

With the passing of Memorial Day Weekend here in the US, unofficial summer has begun. That means it’s time for the songs of summer.

Behold! A playlist! Equal parts sultry voices and sunny optimism, with a little sprinkle of silly. Classics, and artists who take inspiration from them. I’m digging it, give it a listen.

Things I Learned While Compiling Retrofitting Summer 2019

  • Apparently, it’s “Dog Ziggity”, not “Dog Diggity.” Go know!
  • It’s not fair that both Sharon Jones and Nancy Wilson are dead.
  • I have been listening to The Cricket’s Orchestra for TEN YEARS.
  • This whole list is very 40s-50s sounding, which means there’s a whole 60s-70s summer playlist to make.

What are you listening to these days?