Wardrobe Wednesday: Sunday Go to Meeting

I don’t go to church.

There are many reasons for that, none of which I’ll get into at the moment. My readership is full of lovely people of various theological persuasions, and as an essentially private person, I don’t feel a need to explicate my deepest convictions in a post that is really about my stockings.

However, there are a lot of elements of religion that are pleasing, whether they’re attached to any greater meaning or not. Community, singing together, learning something deeper about one’s values, these are nice. So occasionally I’ll make the Sunday morning meeting of the Ethical Humanist Society, or as we call it at our house, “Atheist Church.”

Please note: “Atheist Church” is a pretty inaccurate description of the Ethical Humanist Society. For one, it’s not strictly atheistic–members have a variety of opinions on the God question. You can learn more about what the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago is about here.

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Month of Vintage Underwear: Day 4

I used to think bullet bras were just silly, but I’ve kind of changed my tune. You know who hasn’t? My boyfriend.

“Lookit! Look how pointy my breasts are! Ahahahahaha! YES!” I squealed.

He did not reply.  He simply looked weary.

“Think how sad you’d be if you were with someone who didn’t get excited about dumb things,” I reminded him.

I exist to bring joy to the people.

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Outfit Post: My Favorite Summer Dress

Lindy Bop Lily
The bodice only crinkles like that when I’m climbing playground equipment…which is seldom.

It’s not acting like August this week in Chicago, which makes my plan of focusing on summer clothes feel kind of silly.

Nevertheless, here is my current favorite dress: Lindy Bop’s Lily dress. I have been wearing this dress everywhere, and yet, it proves to be difficult to photograph. We’ve been shooting it all summer, and either the dress or my face (admittedly, it’s usually my face) looks odd in pictures.

I love it so much because it’s:

  • Gorgeous.
  • So comfortable–it’s got a little bit of (not vintage) stretch.
  • Easily dressed up or down
  • Wearable with or without a crinoline
  • Blue. I love blue dresses. I would buy every blue dress, left to my own devices.
  • Floral–I am finally recovering from years of avoiding florals. I wore a LOT of florals as a teenager-young adult, and I was convinced they made me look like a fundamentalist. Suddenly, I’m into them again.

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