Housewife Week 2: Report

An old-fashioned vacuum cleaner.

So the 1950s Housewife Life continues. This week was much like last week. I kept up with the daily cleaning, deep cleaned two rooms, and made some discoveries along the way. OH YES, and a pandemic broke. More on that later.

Overall, my perception is starting to change and I think I’m beginning to see things like my tidy-person spouse does naturally. Case in point, I looked at this sink, and thought, unironically, “The dishes are really starting to pile up, ugh!”

A sink with lots of empty space, a mug of silverware, one bowl, two plates, one glass jar and a cup.
I don’t even know who I am anymore.

The Greatest Housewife Triumph

I didn’t keep a daily log this week, but Wednesday was the big day. That’s the day in which I swept the living room, and finally, finally, it didn’t look like I was sweeping it for the first time ever.

Seriously, a week of daily sweeping, and every day there was the same-sized pile of dirt. It was starting to make me irrationally angry. Where did it come from? What was this nonsense? Was my broom malfunctioning, and if so, how was that even possible?

Then, on Day 8 of weekday sweeping, the dust pile shrunk. It’s actually maintenance cleaning now. I am overjoyed.

Other Observations

  • My apron pocket is full of hairpins because I find them everywhere. Did you hear that sound? It’s my mother laughing. One of the first things she observed when I moved out of her house at age 21 was that she suddenly stopped finding little nests of hairpins on unexpected surfaces. It turns out I hadn’t lost them as I thought, instead they were evenly scattered over the apartment.
  • Speaking of hair, it’s half of what you’ll be sweeping up for the first eight days of regular cleaning.
  • I can’t find my radiator brush, and it’s supremely frustrating because nothing is as good for cleaning radiators as this single-purpose tool. Where the heck could it be? Side note: I hate cleaning radiators.

Love and Dusting

It’s a weird and anxiety-filled time. COVID-19 concerns are putting a lot of us inside, changing our routines, and scrambling our plans. I’m finding having a schedule and daily tasks to be good for my mental health, and this is not a bad time to have a really clean home, so the housewife experiment continues. Love and wellness to all of you. Wash your hands, stay home as much as possible, etc.

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  1. Lol! I found about a half a dozen hairpins scattered throughout the house after your last visit!

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