Old-Fashioned Pleasures of October 11

A ceramic bowl of mutsu apples on a table

I think everyone gets a little old-fashioned on the first real days of fall. Suddenly, everybody is heading to an apple orchard, or baking a pumpkin pie, or inspired to catch a high school football game.

We’re all drawn to flannel, and knits, and cozy blankets on chilly nights. None of these things are terribly expensive–in fact, older things are often cozier.

These are a few of the old-fashioned pleasures of my week.

A ceramic bowl of mutsu apples on a table

Apple Season

Here in the Midwest, the orchards are full and new kinds of apples come to market every week. These are Mutsu apples, a fragrant Japanese variety descended from Golden Delicious.

I bought them at the Lincoln Square Apple Festival here in Chicago. We went last weekend on a truly perfect October day.

A large and tall basil plant in a raised bed.

The Garden’s Last Hurrah

On the whole, the garden is waning, with the tomatoes looking Tim Burtonesque, and the various cucurbits long gone, but the herbs in my little plot are going wild.

Consider, please, this giant basil plant. The perspective of this photo is making you think it’s smaller than it is. Look at the tomato cage that it is half way up.

Purple and yellow carrots in a ceramic bowl

Root Vegetables

All sorts. It’s time for potatoes, yams, onions, carrots, turnips, and parsnips.

These carrots were a delight to pull up because I’d forgotten I’d planted purple and yellow ones.

A sinkful of herbs

Herbs, in general

I’ve been snipping away at them all summer, but this is first big harvest. All the plants are still growing.

That is indeed an entire sinkful of basil, sage, lemon thyme, French thyme, rosemary, and lemon balm. I promptly scorched the basil, but that’s okay…see giant basil plant above.

What old-fashioned things are making your week nicer?