4 Vintage Fall Looks

It’s finally fall. This week the temperatures dropped, the air crisped up, and sudden pumpkin cravings set in.

One of my favorite things about fall is sweaters. My love of sweaters is well-documented. Sweaters are a key part of fall vintage style, and autumnal style in general. But sweaters aren’t the only fall clothes I’m excited about.

This year, I realized everything I like falls into four distinct categories. So I named them and made Pinterest boards because that’s the kind of nerd I am.

Here they are:

Fall Vintage Fashion Look 1:Radcliffe Or Vassar?

Mid-century collegiate fashion. I’m thinking of circle skirts, sensible shoes, and all things plaid and tweed. Oh, how I love both plaid and tweed.

Midcentury collegiate fall fashion 3 students sit on a wall

Look 2: We Have Always Lived In the Apple Orchard

Dungarees, overalls, button-ups, and hair scarves. Aka “play clothes,” perfect for a casual trip to the orchard, or enlisting in the Women’s Land Army. 

Two members of the Women's Land Army wearing overalls and sweaters carrying baskets, probably not thinking about fall vintage fashion.

FYI, Collectif is Queen of Old-Fashioned Overalls (not an affiliate link!). I wear the Pippa Style all the time, and am constantly approached by people demanding to know where I got them. And then I have to say, “I order them online from England” and feel like either a very fancy fin de siecle lady, or, you know, kind of a tool. 

Look 3: Librarian With A Secret

The secret is that the library is haunted. The secret is that the librarian is a spy. The secret is…I don’t know what it is, but there certainly is one. Cat-eye glasses, a rainbow of cardigans, and peter pan collars that belie the inner darkness. This is a year-round aesthetic, let’s be honest.

A still from noir classic "Quiet Please Murder" a librarian regards a detective and his companion askance. Her fall vintage fashion is on point.
Why yes, this is a still from “Quiet, Please, Murder!” (The secret is often Murder).

Blouse+pencil skirt+cardigan+air of mystery=Success

Look 4: A Little Creepy

Can’t have October without things getting a little creepy. Black chiffon, black lace, black, black, black. Inspiration: Somewhere in between Morticia and Wednesday Addams.

Print art of a fancy witch flying on a broomstick wearing a cape and a bikini. Maybe it's underwear.
I really need you to focus on her cape.

What’s your fall style like? Do any of these fall vintage fashion looks appeal? Stay tuned for these looks in the wild!

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