Victory Garden: In the Garden!

Saturday was opening day at the Peterson Garden Project.

photo (1)
“Woman with Onions” sounds like a Renaissance painting.

Saturday was rainy and cold, and still, I was excited.

The day began with a work day. I helped weed around the fence, and place welcome signs in the new gardeners’ plots (including mine!), and weeding and picking up trash around the fence. My plot came with a surprise–onions! Leftover from last year, they’re tall and fragrant and lovely.

Sunday, on the other hand, when the pictures were taken, was simply glorious. I came to the garden once to make my square foot grid. I’m kind of sort of square foot gardening. Later that day,  B came with me to help build a trellis. I weeded while he dismantled the existing trellis to make mine taller. While I planted kale and chard and beets, B netted a grid on the trellis for my beans and cucumbers to climb. So exciting!

Behold, I am digging!
Behold, I am digging!

Another gardener had a plot overrun with strawberries, and offered me some. I decided that they, along with the onions will form “The Anachronism Club.” These varieties were probably not available in 1942, but I think it’s more home fronty to take free plants when they come, and, um, delicious. So a very few varieties of non-1940s plants have made their way in, full disclosure.

Today, I stopped by to boost the soil, and plant peas and carrots. I stirred in some organic compost and soil mix, and plunked in a few (Green Arrow) pea plants. I put in some rows of (Danvers) carrots, and I have high hopes. We shall see how they do.

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