Victory Garden Update: Seed Starting!

And we have plants!

That’s right. My little seeds have sprouted, and are on their way to becoming real, live, vegetable plants!



Currently, I have:

  • 8 tomato plants
  • 4 eggplant plants
  • 4 pepper plants
  • Spares

More plants than I need, no doubt. But I’m a scaredy cat about starting things from seed, and I’m keeping some extras going in case of disaster. Once my plants are in the ground, I’ll hand off the extras to other gardeners. Seed starting is a little trickier than just buying plants from a plant sale or nursery, but for this project, seeds were the only option. They are very economical, however. Seed packets run from $1.00-$4.00, on average, and can produce many plants.

I will be able to access my garden plot on Saturday. I attended an orientation, and I’m very excited to begin! On Saturday, I’ll stop by and check out the state of the soil in my plot, mark out my square feet, and get the cool weather seed crops going.

Can’t wait!