Old-Fashioned Pleasures #10

Lately, in Good Old Stuff I’ve been Enjoying:


In the month of November, I was struck with a sudden desire to buy every candle on earth that claimed to smell like a campfire or a pine tree. I restrained myself (somewhat), but I’m pretty well stocked up for winter. In addition to woodsy scents, my current favorites are Steinbeck and Charles Dickens from Paddywax’s Library collection (I only buy the little travel ones because I can’t bring myself to spend more than $10 on a candle). That’s not an advertisement, I’m just very enthusiastic about them.

Photo by Andres F. Uran on Unsplash
Candlelight makes long nights better, it just does.


Evergreens have the obvious Christmas connection, of course, but I like them all winter long. This little bough made a great addition to our holiday greenery, but I’m keeping it up until it starts dropping needles. Unlike my Christmas tree, which started dropping needles immediately and liberally, like the Charlie Brown tree. I also have a mason jar full of boughs on my table, and I think it looks kind of sculptural and elegant.

Cleaning All The Things

With January, inevitably, comes the strong urge to clear my clutter, clean everything out, and dust in the corners. My energy and attention span are not as strong as said urge, but I’m working on things. I detailed my fridge door with a toothpick the other day, and I’m not sure who I am anymore.

A drawing of a mid-century woman vigorously sweeping.
Anyone else have the January “get organized” bug?

What old-fashioned things are you loving lately?

Happy New Year!

For better or worse, it’s 2019.

That hat has one heckuva tassel!

There’s a lot to reflect on 2018 (who knew there were this many trashcans and that they could all be on fire at once?) and a lot to plan for in 2019, but right now, I’m trying not to miss the moment that is actually happening.

1940s image from The Graphics Fairy
This is not the moment that is actually happening, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

I’ve got plots and plans for this space, a making queue a mile long, and I just put in my summer produce order from the farm, but right now, it’s January. That means it’s time to recover from the holiday whirl, start a pot of soup on the stove, and snuggle in and get cozy.

Two cozy birds from a 1940s printing catalog, via The Graphics Fairy
Like this!

This month, we’ll be digging deep into the possibilities of good old-fashioned coziness.

May you have your best year yet, and may we collectively put out as many flaming trashcans as possible.