The Knitting Report: January 2019

Here is the secret: The reason I knit so much is that I watch way too much television. I have made the deal with myself that if I am knitting, or otherwise fixing/making something, it isn’t rotting my brain.

The other reason I knit so much is that I can’t afford fancy vintage reproduction sweaters. Here’s what I’ve finished up lately. You’ll notice that all of it is from free patterns, and all of it is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. This is coincidental. I have other yarn, I swear.

A Sweater Vest for Bob

Bob wearing a burgundy cabled sweater vest.
He’s dreamy, and now I can make cables.

I started the vest in September, and finished it in late November/early December. The pattern is Dad’s Cabled Vest by Ira Dearing, and the yarn in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (worsted) in “Currant.” I had to size my needles down quite a bit to get gauge, but I liked the result a lot. The pattern was easy, it turns out cables aren’t hard, and the whole things knit up pretty quickly. It would have been quicker if I hadn’t gotten distracted with other stuff during the time I was knitting it.

Charlotte Cardigan

Two sleeves on one needle.
Sleeves for days.

I’m down to blocking and seaming up this cardigan. It knit up very quickly, probably about two weeks, all told. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Worsted in “Cranberry.” The little diamond pattern was really fun, the sleeves were an eternity of stockinette. However, this was the first time I knit two sleeves at once, and I will never do it another way again.

Owl Cup Cozies


Speaking of cables, I made a bunch of these little guys in November and December. Probably 4-5? I thought they’d be good presents, but so far have only given one away. I am not 100% sure I got them completely correct, but they are cute. I embroidered the eyes since I already had supplies to do so.

What are you working on? Any fiber projects in the works?