This Week’s Old-Fashioned Pleasures, Week of 1-8-17

Leaving your house is overrated.

This week, I have seriously dug into hibernation, despite a weird almost-sixty-degree day yesterday. You can’t fool me, winter.

Currently, it’s blustering, and blowing, and barely over twenty degrees, and I am not regretting the fact that I haven’t left the apartment since…Tuesday? Did I go somewhere Tuesday?

No. I did not go anywhere Tuesday.

Here are my top old-timey nice things.

  1. Coziness
    The Sleepy Knitter. It’s me!

    The key to surviving the midwestern winter, I have come to believe, is what my Danish ancestors would have called “hygge.” Now, everyone in the blogsphere calls it that, because hygge is trendy. Regardless, if you really savor all the snuggly, yummy, slower-paced homey-ness, it’s a lot easier to bear.

  2. Baking
    I made chocolate chip cookies on Saturday night, and that was the right choice.

    Definitely more sustaining than meat.


  3.  Television
    This one is a little embarrassing, because I definitely got the Roald Dahl “television rots your brains” message as a kid, but I also watched all of The Crown in less than a week, and refuse to feel guilty about it.

    TV happiness is shared by all of our two-person family.


  4. Potatoes
    Winter’s perfect food. This week, I put potatoes in my paprikash, and then served it over gnocchi, because “too many potatoes” is not a thing I understand.

    This is clearly a disreputable potato, if it’s even a potato, and not a ghost. However, its advice is sound.
  5. Garden Dreaming
    The Seed Saver’s catalog came in December, and now is the perfect time for paging through and dreaming. Arguably, this is the most fun part of gardening, when everything is a fantasy, and nothing has stupid mosaic virus, yet.

    What makes you cozy?