#VintageDecemberStyle Outfit 2–Christmassy Cabaret with Aunt Nance

I know some funny people.

Chicago is a comedy town, and I have the good fortune of knowing and loving some truly delightful goofballs.

Take the illustrious Brittny Congleton, and her alter-ego, Aunt Nance.

This is Aunt Nance.

Yes, she has a giant cardboard cut-out of her face. Why wouldn’t she?

Aunt Nance is an aggressively Midwestern, ever-tipsy, brassy, sassy broad, who gets up to all kinds of mischief. This year, she invited my alter-ego to come sing some tunes in her Hot Flash Holiday Cabaret. It was a delight, and all kinds of silly. It was also an opportunity for another #VintageDecemberStyle outfit.

You cannot see how truly giant my beehive was, and that is a shame. Dress–Lindy Bop, Charlotte. Petticoats–two of ’em. Sweater–Pinup Girl, maybe? (I don’t buy from them anymore). Stockings–Frederick’s of Hollywood, seven (?) years ago? Hair scarf–literally a strip of chiffon Shoes–Payless, also about seven (!) years ago.

Things I learned, out and about in this outfit.

  • Why wear one petticoat when you can wear two?
  • If you dress like this, old men in bars will really want to talk to you.
  • The gingham + peppermint stripes almost crosses into lady clown territory, but narrowly escapes by going easy on the accessories

While this might be a little much for a company Christmas party, it was excellent for a visit with Aunt Nance!