Spring Time

Spring has technically sprung.

After a mild winter, I’m surprised that I’m still feeling that spring stirring, but feel it I do. Snowdrops and crocuses are dotting the block, the seed catalogs are looking alluring, and it’s possible (not likely, but possible) we got the last of the snow last week. (I didn’t say that.)

With more light and a general sense of possibility, I’m feeling optimistic for my immediate domestic sphere. Like many people, “optimistic” has not been able to describe my general mood since November, at least when looking at the general state of affairs in the world. But in my smaller world, it’s spring and it’s time to clear the dust out the corners. Because if I’m going to be horrified on the regular, the smallest comforts seem necessary.

I was hunkered down deep in creative projects this winter, and while they were great, and made my dreams come true, and were so, so, lovely, I have been lacking time to putter and plot and scheme.

And if I love anything, it’s puttering, plotting, and scheming.

I’m making some plans, including:

  • An old-school spring cleaning, because holy cats does our apartment need it. I’ll be doing it mostly 1950’s housewife style, and as greenly as possible. It’s time to freshen things up.

    Oh #%&*, I have to clean my stupid oven.
  • Putting in the garden in April! Another lovely year of organic gardening with The Peterson Garden Project is about to begin! I don’t think I’ll do all 1940’s varieties this year, but I will still garden in a largely old-fashioned way.

    First year at the garden, Portrait of a Girl With Onions
  • Sewing some old projects that need to be sewn, and starting some new ones. I sewed many costumes this winter, but none of them used any of the fabric graveyard that is taking up two drawers of space.

    Butterick B6217 by Gertie
    Butterick’s B6217 has been languishing in a drawer for a couple years. Time to make!
  • More blogging!
    I love writing this blog, but you’d never know it from how often I post. I won’t promise a regular schedule, but I do intend to be more frequent.

What are your plans this spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring Time

  1. Hmmm…I think a potluck is on my Spring To Do list!

    And I clicked on your link above for vintage house cleaning tips and that was the first time I ever heard of cleaning walls. Whoa! No way I got time for that! Haha.

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