Vintage Style: Black and White

Monochromatic, and shoeless.
Monochromatic, and shoeless.

As you have probably guessed, I wear a lot of vintage, or vintage-style, or vintagey-looking clothes. I also wander around a modern city, doing modern person things. This series of posts demonstrates how I do it.

It’s easy to dismiss fashion as frivolous, materialistic, and vain. I know I’ve always felt vaguely uncomfortable with how much I’m interested in clothing, as though it makes me a shallow person, or somehow less serious. But as I’ve thought about it, I’ve come to these conclusions:

  • We decide what to put on every day. It might as well be something that makes us happy.
  • I love reading about other people’s style choices, and I know I’m not alone.
  • Personal style is a means of expression. I’m not going to call it art, exactly, but it’s definitely creative. And I think that has value.
  • Liking pretty dresses doesn’t mean you aren’t aware of problems in the world.

There we go.

So this outfit was put together for a night at the theatre. I like it. It’s casual, but nice. It looks vintage but not costumed. It’s comfy. Definitely a combo I’ll repeat.

It consists of:

Dress: Thrift Shop (label says dBy Ltd.) I’d guess it’s fairly recently constructed. I bought it in 2011. It looks quite 1950’s, all shirtdressy and polka dotted.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (on very significant sale)

Stockings: Hand-me-down. (I’d bet you they’re at Taboo Tabou, though)

Bag: Also the thrift store. Made by who knows? I paid $3 for it.

Shoes you can’t see: Angel Steps, Margie in black.

The shoes look like this.