Vintage Style

Outfits, garments, inspiration and occasional full out lusting over pictures from magazines.

Tree Trimming #VintageDecemberStyle

Dead Girls Vintage Photo Shoot

Thrift Store Thirties

Cigarette Pants

Sunday Go To Meeting

Black and White Dotty Dress

My Favorite Summer Dress (Lindy Bop Lily)

House Dress

The Month of Vintage Underwear

2014 Posts (Scant and Scarce as they may be)

The Challenge

Days 1 and 2

Days 3-5

Things Not to Do in Vintage Underwear

2015 Posts


Day One In which I reintroduce the Month of Vintage Underwear

Day Two In which I explore the pros and problems of garterbelts and stockings.

Day Three In which I teach a dance class.




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