The Vintage Kitchen

I believe home cooking is revolutionary.

I mean it. I think cooking your own food from scratch at home is an act of revolt against our corporate food system. The fact that it’s often cheaper and healthier and more delicious is just (vegan) gravy, as far as I’m concerned.

I love to cook, but a lot of vintage recipes don’t work for me. We’ve certainly learned a lot about nutrition since our grandmothers were first making dinner. This is where retrofitting comes in. I look at the good things about foods from previous eras and then I give them a good hit of my own standards–switching out animal products, mixing in some whole grains, cutting down the sugar. Your approach may be different, and that’s fine by me. I am not looking to get into a vegan fight, people.

Food Preservation Projects

Here’s where you’ll find all the canning, pickling, and preserving projects.


How to Bake a Lot of Something, Without Losing Your Mind

Seven Pie Mountain
The storied chronicle of making seven pies from the 1965 Farm Journal Complete Pie Cookbook in seven hours.


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