Retrofitting Vintage

A Photo Shoot with Dead Girls Vintage!

I could be a part-time model…

But I’m probably going to have to keep my normal job.

Last week, I had the de-lightful opportunity to pose for Kira Cahill for her Etsy shop, Dead Girls Vintage.

Kira is a fashion designer and vintage enthusiast who started her Etsy shop as a side gig, but it morphed into her full-time occupation. She scours thrift shops and estate sales to find all kinds of clothing from yesteryear.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big fan of playing dress up, so I had a great time with Kira. I enjoyed her styling–it’s fun to inhabit someone else’s aesthetic sometimes.  Here are some of the looks we shot. If you’re Megan sized and shaped, you can buy the pieces. And you should! They’re great! Kira finds great stuff!

Blousey! I look like a normal lady!
Blousey! I look like a normal lady!

In which I am in a Hitchcock film.
But now I am in a Hitchcock film, having just seen (or caused) something highly suspect.
deadgirls gingham
Picnic Pin Up! (Actually, buy this dress if you are slightly smaller than me. My ribs defeated it.)
If you needed some bows, oh, man, have we got you covered.
If you needed some bows, oh, man, have we got you covered.
deadgirls bow buttons
Even the buttons are bows!


deadgirls seventies prom
We call this one “Going to Prom in the 1970’s.”
deadgirls widow bw
Why does everyone just assume I killed my husband? Everytime?
deadgirls widow in color
I didn’t do it. Any of the times. Any of the husbands.

Check out Dead Girls Vintage for all kinds of nifty stuff!

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