An Interview with Milliner and Designer Sarah Haley

All I want for Christmas is every hat Sarah Haley makes.

I had the good fortune to meet Sarah Haley, of Sarah Haley Design and Millinery at a craft fair hosted by Vaudezilla Burlesque and Productions. My booth was set up next to hers, and I spent a good part of the day exclaiming over her work.

Promising “a hint of old-time glamour for  your modern life” Sarah’s work is creative, charming, and just plain gorgeous. With equal parts whimsy and elegance, her hats are expertly constructed.

Sarah graciously agreed to an interview with Retrofitting Vintage.

Sarah Haley
Sarah Haley
Retrofitting Vintage: What is it about hats that excites you?
Sarah: Hats are exciting to me because they make a statement!  Wearing a hat is an elegant display of confidence and style that most people envy.  From the design standpoint, hats are exciting because they’re limitless!  Unlike garments where you’re plotting around the physical limitations of the body, in hat design you can build in almost any direction – gravity is the only real limitation!

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A Photo Shoot with Dead Girls Vintage!

I could be a part-time model…

But I’m probably going to have to keep my normal job.

Last week, I had the de-lightful opportunity to pose for Kira Cahill for her Etsy shop, Dead Girls Vintage.

Kira is a fashion designer and vintage enthusiast who started her Etsy shop as a side gig, but it morphed into her full-time occupation. She scours thrift shops and estate sales to find all kinds of clothing from yesteryear.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big fan of playing dress up, so I had a great time with Kira. I enjoyed her styling–it’s fun to inhabit someone else’s aesthetic sometimes.  Here are some of the looks we shot. If you’re Megan sized and shaped, you can buy the pieces. And you should! They’re great! Kira finds great stuff!

Blousey! I look like a normal lady!
Blousey! I look like a normal lady!

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In Darkness: An Existentialist December

The darkness is becoming too much, lately.

There’s the physical darkness. Here on the eastern edge of the Central Time Zone, it’s getting dark early, as we approach the Solstice later this month. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and the sun appears less and less frequently.

But the physical darkness can be fought. With candles, with blankets, with UV lamps aimed at our faces and vitamin D supplements. The darkness that threatens me now is a dark night of the soul.

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