Month of Vintage Underwear Day 2

Today was the first real test…

There was no way I was wearing a girdle today. I had an audition, followed by a rehearsal, followed by an acting class, and didn’t want to answer questions like:

  • Why can you only move up and down, and not side to side?
  • Did someone tell you that you should stand up that straight?
  • Why are your sides reinforced like a robot?

So I popped on a bullet bra and a garter belt and some stockings and called it a day.  Continue reading “Month of Vintage Underwear Day 2”

It’s Back: The Month of Vintage Underwear

Last year, I got distracted from the Vintage Underwear Challenge.

“You keep saying ‘Vintage Underwear Challenge’ like it’s an actual holiday, instead of something you made up,” said my boyfriend.

I wore the girdles, I made it through November, and I posted about it…not so much. Not this year, my friends. This year, I’m committed. I’m all in. You are going to see so many unsexy pictures of me in old-timey underthings, you are going to be sick of it.

Along with your regularly scheduled programming, expect information about building a bullet bra, making your own panties, and why I think foundation garments are maybe a little more feminist than we originally thought.

Today’s ensemble, under my clothes includes

The leggings are not part of  the ensemble. They are part of the photograph, you creepers.
The leggings are not part of the ensemble. They are part of the photograph, you creepers.
  • Girdle–The mysterious, got it in a swap, maybe it’s from France (or Canada) probably from the fifties, PINK girdle
  • Bra–Long line, bullet cups, hooks in the front, has the strongest elastic waistband known to woman.
  • Knee socks—I haven’t the heart for stockings today, guys. Soon.

On the off chance that you want to join the challenge (experiment with old-timey underthings everyday in November!), I’m using the highly inventive hashtag: #MonthofVintageUnderwear. I’d love to see what you’re wearing, and hear your thoughts about it.