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A House Dress for Most Seasons

I may be taking things too far…

I needed a house dress.

Hear me out. I needed something light weight, presentable enough to wear to the garden and the mailbox, but casual enough to clean my bathtub in. You may not be surprised to learn that I am not a sweatpants person. Jeans are too heavy in the summer. My other dresses are too nice for messy jobs, even with an apron. And so, I hit upon the idea of a house dress. Specifically, this house dress: IMG_20150728_131123_648 (1)

Purchased from the fantastic Raven at Raven’s Nest Patterns, this sixties pattern seemed just right for my plans.

I decided on using some cotton print from my stash, inherited from my grandma’s stash. It was pretty, and light, and I did not have quite enough of it. I pulled some more stash fabric for the collar and sash, providing a nice contrast.

Here it is on Cloris, my dress form:

IMG_20150806_154306_235 (1)


And here it is on me!IMG_20150808_170913_049




  1. House dresses are the bee’s knees and then some! They’re comfy as sweats and a far sight nicer to look at, IMO. It’s a real shame that they went the way of the dinosaur outside of our vintage realm. Thankfully they still exist within it. I have a few (vintage ones) myself and wear them soooo much all year round (ditto for many of my shirtwaist dresses).

    You did a great job here! That dress is beautiful and really compliments your hair colour. What a classic, lovely garment!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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