Retrofitting Vintage

Retrofitting Vintage Summer Playlist

With the passing of Memorial Day Weekend here in the US, unofficial summer has begun. That means it’s time for the songs of summer.

Behold! A playlist! Equal parts sultry voices and sunny optimism, with a little sprinkle of silly. Classics, and artists who take inspiration from them. I’m digging it, give it a listen.

Things I Learned While Compiling Retrofitting Summer 2019

  • Apparently, it’s “Dog Ziggity”, not “Dog Diggity.” Go know!
  • It’s not fair that both Sharon Jones and Nancy Wilson are dead.
  • I have been listening to The Cricket’s Orchestra for TEN YEARS.
  • This whole list is very 40s-50s sounding, which means there’s a whole 60s-70s summer playlist to make.

What are you listening to these days?

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