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Old-Fashioned Pleasures #9

It’s fall.

That means two things. First, I reference this thing at least once a week, and my husband still has no idea what I’m talking about. Second, I am full of bright and hopeful energy, because autumn is, objectively, The Best Season in the Midwest.

Bouquet of fall flowers, 19th century

Here are some things I’m loving this week.

  1. Socks
    Every year, probably in September, I splurge a bit and place an order at Sock Dreams. The quality simply can’t be beat, and as a person who wears skirts year-round, warm over-the-knee socks are necessary. And the fact that they’re beautiful sure doesn’t hurt.

    A shoe box filled with multi-colored socks.
    I did not buy all of these this year. (This also isn’t all my knee socks. I might have a problem.)
  2. Squash
    This year, as part of my canning CSA, I got…12 squash. Six butternut and six acorn. They’ll keep a long time, but storage has become a bit of an issue. Good thing it’s decorative gourd season…

    An acorn squash
    One of the many, many squash
  3. Writing thank you notes
    I really like writing notes and sending them in the mail, so the fact that I just had a big party at which thoughtful people brought me presents is awfully handy.
    An envelope with a sticker reading "Thank You" in fancy script
  4. Stocked pantry
    Speaking of the CSA, I also canned two bushels of roma tomatoes this year. I did a combination of whole tomatoes, puree, sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, and pickled. Here they are in all their splendor.

    A table full of glass jars full of tomatoes
    Tomato-palooza, 2018
  5. Oh, PS, I got married
Image by Vanessa Navarre

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